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Eryk has won the Spiritualist Grand Tournament, helped Kari and Fay avoid marrying Grant Leucht, and destroyed the cage preventing Kari from journeying outside of Neveria. But his task isn’t over yet. Now he must convince Fay Valstine to join him, Kari, and Lin in a polygamous relationship. And as if that wasn’t hard enough…

Grant Leucht has decided to get revenge for his humiliating defeat.

The Leucht Family is plotting in the shadows of Nevaria.

Meanwhile, Eryk’s dreams continue to plague him as he is shown the time when he and Kari attempted to reclaim the captured city of Vahn from a new threat and found themselves trapped within another realm.


Explicit Content Warning: This series contains content that may not be suitable for anyone under the age of 18.


SKU: 9781951904333
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