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Newsletters don't come out very often - mostly because the author isn't doing much more than writing. Chances are, there won't be more than one or two newsletters each month, so you fortunately won't have to worry about your inbox becoming clogged with garbage. You'll get at least one email a month, and sometimes you might get more if I have any book releases, book sales, or giveaways, but you probably won't get more than 1-3 emails a month barring unforseen circumstances like me warning you about the upcoming pervacolypse so you can prepare yourself by hording toilet paper.

Your privacy is taken very seriously here. Your email address shall never be disclosed to a third-party, or a fourth party - do those even exist? Either way, don't worry about someone getting a hold of your email. The author hates it when he gets random garbage in his inbox, so he understands that you probably don't want your inbox becoming filled with detritus either.

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