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Brandon's OELN Series







Alexander S. Ryker wants to become a hero like his father. Gabrielle Angelise is an alien princess running away from her father's demands that she get married. Can these two find happiness by cohabitating?

Status: Ongoing


Kevin Swift was a normal teenager who just happened to be more than a little shy around girls--but all that changes when he rescues the life of a kitsune. Lilian Pnevma, the kitsune in question, has decided that Kevin is going to become her mate... whether he wants to be or not. Can this girl-shy guy deal with the advances of a thirsty vixen?

Status: Complete


Sorceresses wield all the power in the world of Terraria by invoking the power of Spirits to create incredible phenomena. Because it takes a long time to chant their spells, they require Knights to protect them. Caspian is a young man with a dark secret who dreams of one day becoming a Sorceress's Knight.

Status: Complete

Cover 2.jpg

Catgirls have lived alongside humans since time immemorial. There are many fields that are specifically related to dealing with catgirls. Chris Redford is a young man attending college for one of those fields--he wants to become a catgirl doctor. But his life is turned upside down when he stumbles upon an abused catgirl and decides to take her in. How will his life change now that he has several new responsibilities on top of his old ones?

Status: Complete

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Anthony is the world's only Incubus, but that wasn't always the case. He used to be human, and he wants to pretend he still is. All he wants out of life is to bring his brother out of a coma. But his priorities will be forced to change when a young woman from Custodes Daemonium comes to kill him. He will be forced to embrace what he has become or die.

Status: Ongoing

Journey of a Betrayed Hero LN Cover.jpg

A young man who was torn from his home and abandoned by the people who summoned him. A young woman who wants more than the life fate has in store for her. Two people who should have never met join forces in this reverse isekai light novel about a hero who was summoned from Earth and the princess of the Dark Lord he defeated.

Status: Complete


Adam wants to cure his lover's terminal illness. Fayte has the means to do that, but she wants Adam's help to win a bet against the man trying to force her into marrying him. It's a no-brainer for Adam. All he has to do is enter the latest VRMMORPG--Age of Gods--and help Fayte complete her three goals. Simple, right?

Status: Ongoing

front cover idea 5.jpg

Several worlds are connected to Earth through a vast plain called The Rift, but very few people even know about it's existence. Beyond The Rift lies worlds filled with monsters set on invading Earth. Bryan, a former Marine with a haunted past, is tasked with helping a team fight against these forces. Can he prevent the invasion of his home?

Status: Hiatus


People going missing every year. Strange murders that no one can explain. All these incidents are caused by monsters, the bane of humanity, and it is the Catholic Church's responsibility to wipe these creatures out. Christian is one of the best members of the Catholic Church's Executioners, but when he is tasked with killing a succbus, he finds himself in a quandary he has never experienced before. After all, who's ever heard of a succubus with androphobia?

Status: Complete


Eryk Veiger lost his wife and daughter to the Great Overlord of the Seventh Realm. He fights against his family's killer... and loses. Eryk expected to be killed, but instead, he is thrust back in time to before it all began. Now given a chance to start over, Eryk is determined to right the wrongs of the past. But can he change the past, or will he be forced to witness as everything he loves is destroyed once more?

Status: Ongoing


Wu Jian is the clan heir of a small clan in the countryside. Bullied for being weak and cowardly, his only friend is a young girl who was adopted around the same time he was born. But Wu Jian doesn't want to be weak. He doesn't want to be a coward. He wants to become strong enough to protect the people he loves. This is the story about his rise to power.

Status: Ongoing - Webnovel


A comprehensive list of every Brandon Varnell light novel audiobook, along with where you can buy them. You can grab everything from the hilarious American Kitsune to the epic WIEDERGEBURT: Legend of the Reincarnated Warrior and everything in between--Man Made God, A Most Unlikely Hero, Catgirl Doctor, Incubus... it's all here.

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