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Months have passed since Bryan joined Michelle and Adina. They’ve based themselves out of Valhalla and have been training hard to bring Bryan’s level up to snuff. Joining them is Christine, an Earthling trained by Valkiries in the art of asskicking.

While searching for the Rift that will take them to Michelle's home, Christine met with a contact working for someone called the Information Broker, who has offered to provide them with the location of the Rift in question. Now they must journey to Station 13, a space station located in a Rift far from Valhalla, meet with the Information Broker’s contact, and acquire the information they need.

But nothing is ever free, and what the Information Broker wants in exchange for the Rift’s location could get Bryan and his companions killed.

Warning: This novel contains adult themes, harem relationships, nudity, sex, and a former Marine turned magic swordsman fighting in a world that seems kinda like those virtual reality MMOs you keep reading about in stories. You have been warned.

Swordsman of the Rift: Volume 2

SKU: 9781951904043
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