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Ever since various world governments signed the World War III Armistice, the virtual world has become even more important than the real world.

Adam does not care for the virtual world. His only concern is curing his terminally ill lover, but with Aris on the verge of death, he is running out of time and hope.


When a woman called Fayte comes knocking on his door with a proposal, he is all too happy to accommodate her. She will cure Aris of her supposedly incurable disease with experimental technology that has never been tested. In exchange, Adam will enter the newest VRMMORPG, Age of Gods, to help Fayte win a bet against her father.


He enters the game, creates his character, and is ready to rock. But before he can even think of helping Fayte with her bet, he must first leave the Village of Beginnings by reaching level 10.


Can Adam prove his worth by being the first person to complete the dreaded tutorial stage?


Warning: This series is rated R18 for explicit content. It does not fade to black.

Man Made God: Volume 1

SKU: 9781951904975
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