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Sticker measures approximately 5.5" tall


Printed on high-quality, durable vinyl

Kari Astralia Kiss-Cut Sticker

  • CLEAN THE SURFACE: The leaner you can make the surface, the better it'll stick and make sure the surface is dry if you cleaned it with something we.

    APPLY IT: Peel the sticker back and apply evently to the surace. Make sure there are no air bubbles when applying. I find it works best to start from either the top or bottom.

    RUB IT CUTELY OR LEWDLY: I recommend using something hard to rub in so it sticks. Start from the middle and work your way out. You're all done after that, though you feel free to rub her over once more just in case.

    OTHER THINGS TO CONSIDER: Please use common sense. While these can be used outdoors, don't stick them anywhere with extreme temperatures. Take care of your girls.

    Don't put them on surfaces stickers wouldn't normally be stuck to.

    Take care when cleaning the surfaces around it afterwards. It could get accidentally removed if you're not careful.

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