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The hero’s journey doesn’t always end after the Dark Lord has been slain.


After being betrayed by the very kingdom he saved, Jacob Stone forsook his title of Hero. Now he lives the simple life of a barkeep. Yet even that life is irrevocably erased when a young woman named Enyo appears before him.


She claims to be the daughter of the former Dark Lord and has come seeking his aid. He’d normally never consider lending her a hand, but when she tells him that she knows of a way for him to return home, he’s left with little recourse.


His journey will take him across the kingdom of Terrasole, toward the place where it all began. If he succeeds, he’ll return to the home that he’d been stolen from. If he fails… well, he won’t live long enough to regret failing.

Journey of a Betrayed Hero: Volume 1

SKU: 9781951904951
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