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Kuro and Elsa have been registered as Chris's catpanions. While his relationship with the three catgirls deepens, their livelihood is threatened after a group of men assault Kuro and Silva while they're out shopping. The obviously planned attack was no doubt instigated by someone-and there's only one person that can be.


Unfortunately, Chris is no superhero, no vigilante seeking justice with his own two hands. He's just a college student. All he can do is continue being the best mate his catpanions can ask for, taking Kuro out on dates, helping Silva get a job, and treating Elsa like a woman instead of his adopted sister.


Life may not be perfect, but Chris and his catpanions will learn to find solace in each other.

Explicit Content Warning: This series contains content that may not be suitable for anyone under the age of 18.

Catgirl Doctor: Volume 3

SKU: 9781951904883
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