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Chris and Silva have really begun to enjoy their lives together. Silva has officially become Chris's catpanion. To make matters even better, Silva has discovered that Kuro and the other catgirls who were abused alongside her have been rescued and are living at an orphanage.


But several problems have cropped up, not the least of which is a powerful business tycoon who wants to shut the orphanage down. To resolve this situation, Chris decides to enlist the aid of Elsa, his family's catgirl, and a dear childhood friend.


Beyond all that, Chris will have to quell Kuro's curiosity... and maybe something else too.


Warning: Catgirl Doctor is an R18 series meant for mature audience. It contains harem relationships and does not fade to black.

Catgirl Doctor: Volume 2

SKU: 9781951904944
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