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Adam’s identity IRL has been outed, and while he managed to stave off Levon’s initial assault, he can’t stay in New York City. He needs to leave before even more danger comes his way. The only place he can travel to is a city where the Pleonexia Alliance doesn’t have any power—Los Angeles, home to Daggerfall Dynasty.


It isn’t just problems in the real world that are causing headaches either. The Spider Queen is leading an assault on the Sun Continent. The Guild Association has decided to deal with the situation the only way they can.


By combining several teams to form a Raid Party.

Release Date: May, 7, 2024




The existence of Dunherr, Fritz, and Unglück has left Eryk with many questions. Who are the Sekbeist? What are Sekbeist Lords? And what are the higher level concepts they use in battle?

While Eryk wants to find answers to his many questions, they may have to wait. The Warp Gate that will connect Midgard to Nevaria has been built, and so Eryk must journey back to his homeland.

However, the Nevaria that he returns to is very different than the one he left…

Release Date: April 23, 2024

Brandon's Original English Light Novels

These are the light novels that Brandon Varnell has written and published to date. This includes his latest web novel, which can be read on Tapas Media or Patreon.