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Eryk has returned to Kari, Lin, and Fay after falling down a ravine in the Demon Beast Mountain Range and meeting the mysterious woman, Dyr. After returning home, everyone falls back into their routines. Eryk spends his time training Fay and Kari, teaching Lin humanity’s written language, giving new alchemy recipes to the Alchemist Association, and trying to help the Nevarian Spiritualists build up their defenses in preparation for the Demon Beast Invasion that will happen several years from now.

Eryk is plagued by dreams at the same time. His past self is trapped in another realm. While in this new realm, he learns more about the Sekbeists—the mysterious enemies who may become a threat to both his past… and his present.

Explicit Content Warning: This book contains content that may not be suitable for anyone under the age of 18.


SKU: 9781951904203
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