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Eryk has begun recruiting Spiritualists to join The Nevarian Braves. Among those who have decided to join are Marko and Catalyna Kriger from the renowned Kriger Family.


While everything seems to be going well on the surface, strange things are happening to Eryk and his women. Not only can Eryk now use the earth and darkness elements without having trained in them, but Kari, Lin, and Fay are still experiencing dreams of their past that are eerily similar to the ones Eryk has been having since arriving in the past.


The only conclusion Eryk can come to is that all these strange events have something to do with the seals that have been appearing on the three women whenever they share his bed.


Just what those seals represent, and what their purpose is, is something that Eryk has yet to figure out.


Explicit Content Warning: This series contains content that may not be suitable for anyone under the age of 18.


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