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Caspian and Elincia are sent to investigate rumors of a necromancer raising the dead near Parume, Caspian's hometown and a place that holds many unpleasant memories for him.

What started as a simple investigation soon becomes much more when Caspian and Elincia are informed that what's been raising the dead isn't a necromancer but a Lich King, the highest and most powerful class of undead monster in the entire world.

Now they have to travel around the area, to see how far the corruption has spread and save anyone who is still alive. With their lives and the lives of everyone in Arcadia at stake, Caspian and Elincia will be forced to push themselves to limit if they wish to avoid a fate worse than death.

Arcadia's Ignoble Knight: Volume 6

SKU: 9781951904012
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