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Not All Fun in Tropes...


Kevin Swift's life is strange, unusual, and downright zany. Then again, what else should he expect when he's mated to a kitsune? Despite the oddness encompassing his life, he wouldn't change it for the world. Unfortunately, sometimes the world doesn't let people decide these things.


When he, Lilian, and his friends are attacked by the Shénshèng Clan, Kevin learns that a war has broken out between clans Pnevma and Shénshèng, one that threatens the lives of himself and the people he loves. He and his mate's family are taken to the Pnevma Clan estate in Greece. Yet even the protection offered by the most powerful spirit clan in the entire world may not be enough to keep them safe.

American Kitsune: Volume 7

SKU: 9781951904395
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