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Catgirl Doctor Omnibus gets licensed for Audiobook by Podium!

November 09, 2020

Catgirl Doctor volumes 1-3 have been picked up for audiobook publishing by Podium Publishing! The audiobook is set to be released on December 12st.

Catgirls have had a symbiotic relationship with humans since time immemorial. Many young men long to become breeders, humans who are responsible for quelling a catgirl’s lust when they go into heat. Chris Redford was just a normal college student attending San Diego University for his PhD in Catgirl Physiology and Medicine to become a catgirl doctor, but when he runs across an abused catgirl, Chris will find his purpose in life shifting to accommodate his new responsibilities. He may also be forced to confront the darker side of humanity when he learns about what happened to Silva, the young catgirl now in his care.

Get Your Game On with Brandon Varnell's First Harem Gamelit Series!

April 15, 2020

Brandon Varnell has finally decided to get onto the gamelit scene with his first ever harem gamelit story. Man Made God is the story of Adam Lancer, a young man looking to cure his terminally-ill lover. It is packed with action, game mechanics, and a post World War III cyberpunk setting. If you enjoy video games, gamelit, and anime like Ghost in the Shell, you will love this!



Ever since the signing of the World War III Armistice, the virtual world has become even more important than the real world.


Adam does not care for the virtual world. His only concern is curing his terminally ill lover, but with Aris on the verge of death, he is running out of both time and hope.


When a woman called Fayte comes knocking on his door with a proposal, he is all too happy to accommodate her. She will cure Aris of her supposedly incurable disease with experimental technology that has never been tested before. In exchange, Adam will enter the newest VRMMORPG, Age of Gods, to help Fayte win a bet against her father.


He enters the game, creates his character, and is ready to rock. But before he can even think of helping Fayte, he must first leave the Village of Beginnings by reaching level 10.


Can Adam prove his worth by being the first person to complete the dreaded tutorial stage?

Man Made God is an R18 series due to adult situations, violence, nudity, and sexual content. Release date is July 7, 2020.

Brandon Varnell Kicks Up the Erotica with His Latest R18 Light Novel Series!

April 15, 2020

Incubus is the next harem light novel series to be published by Brandon Varnell. It's an action-packed sci-fantasy series about a young college student named Anthony, who just so happens to be an incubus, mythological creature that sustains itself on sex.

Anthony Amasius likes to pretend he’s nothing but a simple college student attending the Institution of Magical Sciences on Academy Island. The truth is that he’s far from simple. Anthony is the only incubus in the entire world, though he refuses to bond with any woman. Right now his only goal in life is honoring the woman he loved and lost and bringing his younger brother out of a coma.


But when a War Maiden from Custodes Daemonium comes knocking on his door with orders to kill him, Anthony will find himself being forced to make a choice: Embrace what he’s become or die a dog’s death.

Incubus is an R18 light novel series meant for adults due to its erotic content. Release date is June 2, 2020.

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