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The Reincarnated Warrior is Coming

November 26, 2019


At the end of his life, Eryk Veiger challenged his greatest enemy… and lost. Just when he thought death was going to claim him, he woke up in his old bedroom, in a city that had been destroyed decades ago, and found himself back in his 17 year-old body. Now he’s being given a chance to do things over again, to prevent the destruction of his home. But to change the past, Eryk has several daunting tasks ahead of him:

Cultivate and become a stronger Spiritualist.
Prevent the Demon Beast Invasion of Nevaria.
Kill the Great Overlord of the Seventh Realm.

Failure to accomplish his goals will mean more than just death. It will mean having to once more watch as everything he has ever loved is destroyed.

Warning: This series is rated R18 for adult situations, graphic violence, nudity, sex, illustrations depicting nudity and sex, and harem relationships. This series is not for the prude of heart.

Swordsman of the Rift

September 10, 2019

Bryan Jenson is a former Marine who's been running from his past. When an acquaintance comes to him with a job, he takes it. He doesn't care about the pay or the job specifics. He just wants to escape the nightmares.

But in trying to run from his past, he runs into an even more terrifying nightmare when he and four others journey into the Rift Plains--a dimension connected to hundreds of other worlds. His party is overwhelmed and Bryan is taken prisoner.

Now he must team up with an archangel who has lost more than half her power and a low-level succubus to escape, get back at the woman who captured him, and defeat the Dungeon Master of this unknown world.

Simple, right?

Jouney of a Betrayed Hero

February 21, 2019

The hero’s journey doesn’t always end after the Dark Lord has been slain.

After being betrayed by the very kingdom he saved, Jacob Stone forsook his title of Hero. Now he lives the simple life of a barkeep. Yet even that life is irrevocably erased when a young woman named Enyo appears before him.

She claims to be the daughter of the former Dark Lord and has come seeking his aid. He’d normally never consider lending her a hand, but when she tells him that she knows of a way for him to return home, he’s left with little recourse.

His journey will take him across the kingdom of Terrasole, toward the place where it all began. If he succeeds, he’ll return to the home he’d been stolen from. If he fails… well, he won’t live long enough to regret failing.

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